After 20 uninterrupted years of regularly receiving an annual grant, the French Embassy advised that due to budgetary constraints, with regret, funding had been withdrawn in 2006.

MFT needs your support even more and offers fully tax deductible donations for:

- Charitable trusts

- Companies

- Individuals

For contributions in -

- Cash

- Goods and

- Services.

For companies, MFT, has many innovative promotional methods such as:

  1. Logo and link to website on numerous annual email outs - an effective way of reaching thousands of potential clients.
  2. Logo and advertisements on our surtitle slides at productions
  3. Inclusion on publicity material [posters and programmes]
  4. Corporate stands at shows
  5. Advertising and multimedia.

Should you be interested in helping the longest running French language theatre in Australia to continue, grow and expand, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Presentation video - in English

Sponsorship video – in English

Vidéo appel à la France - en français

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