2012, 2013, 2014, 2015,2016 and 2017

The following list is indicative only and not definite and subject
to change at any time by amendment to this page and receipt of funding and grants.


  1. May - Pyjama pour six / Don´t Dress for Dinner by Marc Camoletti
  2. September - Don Juan on Trial / La Nuit de Valognes by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
  3. Aprés les roses, le poison - Napol´on et le lien australien / From Roses to Poison - Napoleon and the Australian Connection
    by Marijke Eysbertse - a rehearsed reading [to be confirmed]
  4. Concours théâtre - Theatre Competition - Victorian Primary and Secondary Schools [to be confirmed]
  5. SCHOOL TERMS - TOUR TO SCHOOLS - Des Courtes Lignes de COURTELINE / Some Short Lines from COURTELINE for Primary and Secondary Schools and Universities
  1. May - Tailleur pour dames / Fitting for Ladies by Georges Feydeau
  2. September -Potiche / A Mere Decoration by BARILLET ET GREDY [reprise]
  1. May - La Surprise de l'Amour / The Surprise of Love by MARIVAUX
  2. September - Le Roi se meurt / Exit the King by Eugène IONESCO
  1. May - Les Caprices de Marianne / Marianne's fancies by Alfred de MUSSET
  2. September - Trois Versions de la Vie / Life x 3 by Yasmina REZA
  1. May - Les Bâtisseurs de l'Empire / The Empire Builders by Boris VIAN
  2. September - Baby Doll by Tennessee WILLIAMS
  1. May - Le Legataire universel / The residuary Legatee by Jean-François Regnard
  2. SeptemberLa Vraie Vie - The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard

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