By purchasing on or offline by any means you, the purchaser personally or on behalf of any other person (collectively called "the Purchaser") agree with Melbourne French Theatre Inc. ("MFT") and consent to the following pricing policy – terms and conditions of sale with respect to all purchases from this site or otherwise and without limiting the generality, all Show Tickets, Restaurant Evenings and Merchandise Pricing and Articles (collectively called "the Item/s") on which basis MFT sells to the Purchaser:
  1. MFT is entitled to legally assume that the Purchaser is the rightful cardholder for payment and rely upon such assumption.
  2. There is no refund whatsoever on the Items, unless cancelled/withdrawn by MFT or out of stock, as the case may be.
  3. A purchase or booking fee applies to all online payments. An additional purchase or booking fee applies to each and every further online payment or order for the same or different Items. This fee covers credit card, administrative and postal charges. Only in the event that MFT consents to a cancellation, a $5 credit card fee per cancelled Item [meaning per ticket if for a show] is charged to the credit card which placed and paid for the Item.
  4. Bookings for shows and restaurant evenings are only confirmed when paid in full with booking fee. There are no tentative bookings, as bookings and purchases are dealt with on a ‘first come first served and paid’ basis only.
  5. Postage and handling charges apply for Merchandise Items, payable by the Purchaser in advance.
  6. There is no credit or refund for show tickets or restaurant evenings for any reason whatsoever. Solely at the discretion of MFT, it may grant a transfer of show tickets from one performance of the show to another (once only) for the same play season only. The Purchaser must pay an extra booking fee for each such transfer of booking. Restaurant evening tickets are forfeited on the basis that MFT must pay the restaurant for pre-booked numbers, irrespective of attendance.
  7. Schools - group concessions of 10 % on each student ticket price for groups of 25 or more students (no other concessions) are subject to payment in full with booking fee for the entire group in advance and the booking must be under the school name and the teacher making the booking must collect tickets, if not posted to that teacher, under the school’s name only at the door; special teachers’ offer - 1 free teacher per group of 10 students (for example for 40 students (4 free teachers); additional teachers to this ratio must pay a special ticket price as for members of Alliance Française or the French–Australian Chamber of Commerce).
  8. Non-school group and other concessions – 10 % concession for groups of 25 or more on all ticket prices, subject to payment in full with booking fee for the entire group in advance and the booking must be under one name and members of the group must collect tickets, if not posted to the booking person, under the booking person’s name only at the door. Separate payments are not accepted by individual group members.
  9. Concession ticket prices and categories - by claiming a concession price on the online form, the purchaser agrees that the concession is properly claimed and will provide either a copy of the concession claim card OR the ORIGINAL concession claim card at the box office; failure to produce the card or improper claim means the ticket price will be adjusted and payable to the full price, without exception and no further claim for concession on the ticket/s can be made for the particular show and season.
  10. Groups and concessions generally – MFT is not obliged to offer or suggest any group or ticket concession terms and conditions. The Purchaser on his or her sole initiative makes the claim, upon provision of proof and payment. MFT is at liberty to determine if the concession applies or not and with whom the final decision remains without appeal.
  11. Non-attendance without transfer as per 6. above, at a performance will constitute forfeiture of ticket, on the basis that MFT has presented the show and fulfilled its contractual obligation.
  12. These conditions are subject to change by amendment on the website.
  13. MFT events are private and retains the right to refuse entry and refund ticket prices. All performances are the copyright property of MFT, subject to any author’s copyright and will be strictly enforced at law. Cameras of any kind are not allowed in and mobile phones, pagers, laptop and all other electronic devices must be switched off during performances.
  14. The Purchaser assumes all risks with respect to online payments on this site, including but not limited to credit card fraud and agrees not to make any claim against MFT with respect to internet security breaches arising out of online payments or credit card fraud. The Purchaser agrees to keep MFT indemnified against any actions and suits of any nature whatsoever arising from online security breaches or credit card fraud for credit card payments online.
  15. The policy of MFT is not to return goods or refund any payments or fees. Customer service contact information is The Secretary, Melbourne French Theatre Inc, 213 Canning Street, Carlton Melbourne Victoria 3053 Australia [Telephone (03) 9349 2250, Fax (03) 9347 1741 Email:]. The transaction country is Australia and the currency is Australian dollars only. Delivery is by Australia Post unless an alternative means is agreed between the Purchaser and MFT. Australia Post and alternative forwarding methods are at the sole expense of the Purchaser. Transport and delivery are at the sole risk of the Purchaser who indemnifies MFT for same.
  16. All transactions are governed by and construed in accordance with the law from time to time in force in the State of Victoria, Australia and the Purchaser submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

IMPORTANT - By clicking the Submit button for an order you accept the above terms and conditions.

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