MFT is a non-profit incorporated association, composed for the most part of non-salaried volunteers [some who are professional and donate their time] and has a limited number of positions available.

All MFT work [experience] and traineeship positions are unpaid and for either 6 or 12 months only - our budget is very limited

If you are interested and want MFT to consider your application [without any obligation on its part], please

  • send us your CV with full address and contact details and a digital photo [all in 1 only MS WORD file - upload limit]
  • specify your field of interest
  • state your date of availability, the fixed period of work you propose, without any engagement on our part whatsoever, knowing that we cannot make any commitment without an interview [or teleconference] and a trial period.

MFT does not provide visa sponsorship or support due to lack of staff and candidates would need to consider applying for a one-off working holiday visa of 12 months.

However MFT issues work [experience] position certificates, upon request, which can enhance a CV, in terms of work experience abroad.


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